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About the School

The vibrant and disciplined learning environment at Hejaaz International School was founded by its present Director Mr. N. M. M. Hizbullah and Principal Mrs. Zarina Hizbullah - two people who have invested their knowledge, time & vast experience, gained in teaching in the Government sector.

The School began at No.11, St Sylvester's Road, Mount Lavinia.  At the time of the commencement in 1994 it was a five roomed house with 17 students and three staff members. Since then, with the wisdom of the Directors the School has expanded at St Sylvester's Road and has opened branches at other locations as well. Even today the Boys' Section and the Administrative Head Office are located at No.11 St Sylvester's Road, Mount Lavinia.


Hejaaz International began as a Boys' only School and grew in number of students and staff, and as time went by, in response to several requests by parents to admit girls to the school, in 1997 the School took a bold step to open its Girls' School.

The opening of the Girls' School and its expansion signified the deep confidence discerning parents had placed upon "Hejaaz International" to teach boys and girls. Today both Schools are fully fledged institutions under their respective head teachers.

The Girls’ School is further divided into the "Upper Girls' Section" situated at  21/10 Carron Place, off Sri Saranankara Road, Kalubowila, Dehiwela., and the "Lower Girls' Section" situated at No. 34, Station Road Dehiwela.


The Boys' School is housed in its own four storey building in Mount Lavinia and also has a tournament size basket ball court. ‘Hejaaz International’ has its own dress code for the students and a strict code of conduct.


Basketball, netball and athletics are everyday events with the focus on Inter-School competitions. Activities such as scrabble, debating, art, speech & drama and karate are conducted in school.


In addition to these the students are also encouraged to participate in the International Assessment for Schools examinations- conducted by  Macmillan Publishers India and the University of New South Wales – Australia,  Australian Chemistry Quiz- conducted by the Royal Australian Chemical Institute of Australia, All Island Oratory Competitions, All Island Essay Competitions, Commonwealth Essay Competitions, Islamic Quiz Competitions, Future Minds Quiz Competitions and the Sri - Lanka Festivals for the Performing Arts.

The School has a modern computer laboratory with networked and internet connectivity in both Sections to facilitate Information & Communication Technology (ICT) studies. The School Library is well stocked with reference books pertaining to the subjects taught at the School and also for enjoying the pleasure of reading. The Science Laboratory too is well equipped to kindle the interest of the young minds to learn & experiment, with the final ‘high’ of ecstasy in science experiment being attained at the Schools Annual Science Fair.

The School’s team of Teachers are all qualified in their respective fields of specialization. Both schools are headed by well experienced Head Mistresses under the guidance and overall governance of the School’s Principal. The School begins every day with an assembly and prayer and ends accordingly.

The School is content with its record for having produced useful, successful and productive citizens. Now it is looking towards a period of accelerated growth to meet the high demand of society, for high quality and meaningful education and "Hejaaz International" has taken upon itself this task and responsibility with ease.

School Future Events

Parents meeting and Placing orders for books

Venue: No.34, Station Road, Dehiwala.

Pre grade 1 to grade 5 : Saturday, 5th July 2014

Grade 6 to 11 : Sunday, 6th July 2014

3rd Term Vacation - June 2014

3rd Term Exams will commence on the 27th of June 2013 and end on the 3rd of August 2014 In Sha Allah.

Book issuing for the new academic year

Book issuing for the new academic year 2014 - 2015 will be on Thursday, 17th July 2014 from 9.00 a.m. to 12 noon for all grades.